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Why the name "Pepper Penn Design House"?

Melissa’s daughter, Lily, is sometimes referred to as “Red Hot Lily Pepper”, or just “Pepper” for short. And we love Lily. Lesley also has red hair and is a little feisty and spicy like a red hot pepper.

Lesley and Melissa met at work which is on Penn Avenue – so “Penn” is an ode to the origin of our friendship. 

The “Design House” part is an all-encompassing directive which includes floral design, event design, workshop design, and whatever else we may dream up in the future.

Why do I need a day-of coordinator if there is a coordinator at my venue?

We are so glad you asked! Your venue coordinator does wonderful things, but their priority is the venue. Our job is to focus on YOU. The venue coordinator isn't going to help you sew your dress if it rips or make sure that band plays "Brown Eyed Girl" during the father-daughter dance instead of "Blacked Eyed Peas". The venue coordinator probably won't run to the store to get matches when someone forgets them for the unity candle, and they are definitely not going to pickup the Groomsman's tux jacket that he accidentally left downtown where you were taking pictures. We'll handle everything from scheduling to set up and we help design a day as unique as you are. We worry about all of the little details, so you don't have to.

How do I care for flowers once they’re in my possession?

Your flowers will arrive right from our cooler with stems in a water/preservative mixture. When your bouquets are not being used, they should be kept in a cool, dark spot (when possible) or in the refrigerator for optimal shelf life. When you get home, cut the stems on the second day and replace water with fresh, cool water. Bouts and corsages are sprayed with a petal preservative to help retain moisture. They can be kept fresh by misting them with water and keeping them in the fridge when not in use.

What’s so different about Pepper Penn florals?

We help you make the absolute most of your floral budget! We can make recommendations that help your budget pull double-duty (like using an altar installation as a centerpiece to hang over the head table or as a photobooth backdrop, or using reception table centerpieces to decorate the church aisle).

Our floral style is also a little non-traditional: we love organic shapes, unique flowers that aren't used all the time, and striking hand-gathered bouquets. 

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Do you offer rentals?

YES! We will happily use whatever vases, compotes, or other centerpiece containers that you purchase for your event, but we also have an inventory of items to rent for a small fee when you book our services. 

If you are doing your own flowers and just want to rent items, we offer really inexpensive rental prices for vases, compotes, urns, and altars. 

Can you preserve/dry my wedding bouquet?

Unfortunately we don’t have the ability to do this but we can help you select a service that does.


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