We Do It All. Really.


Set Up & Tear Down

Maybe you are super Type A and you want your 300 escort cards lined up PERFECTLY, but you don't want to have to trust your Aunt Susan to do that after she's had a few glasses of champagne. Don't worry, we've got you covered. We'll perfectly place escort cards, welcome signs, guest books, dinner menus, and party favors. And you won't have to do it yourself or rely on a guest to do it for you.

Since most venues require everything to be removed before you leave, we'll also handle tear down. Because, do you really want that Groomsman climbing a ladder at midnight trying to un-install a 50 pound floral installation? Didn't think so. 

Rates for setup and tear-down only start at $300 and includes: 

  • 1 30-minute planning session where you tell us exactly what you need done

  • 3 hours on the day of the wedding to setup, primp, perfect your decor and details and then tear down/collect rentals and return to you

Day-Of Wedding Coordination

Need someone to wrangle a 20 person wedding party for group pictures? We'll do it so that you don't have to be bossy on your wedding day.

No clue who is walking down the aisle and at what time? What if the music stops before you get to the altar? Got you covered. We'll come up with timelines, cues, and show everyone EXACTLY where to stand.

Need to figure out when to have the caterer, photographer, DJ, officiant, and make-up artist arrive? We'll do that for you, too! 

Want to make sure all of those people I just mentioned don't call YOU on your wedding day when they get lost or are running late or want to be paid? When you hire us for day-of coordination, they'll call US and we'll handle it like the pros that we are so you can enjoy your day.

Rates start at $1,500 and includes:

  • 12 hours on-site day of wedding (for whatever comes up)

  • 2 30-minute planning sessions

  • Full Schedule/Timeline build

  • Key point-of-contact for all vendors on your wedding day

  • Need more? We love personalization. Contact us for add-on options!

Full Event Design & Coordination

The whole shabang. We'll meet in person as soon as you get engaged and are ready to start planning! We'll accompany you on venue tours, help recommend and negotiate contracts and pricing with vendors, create a mood board for your big day, make sure that you stay on budget and theme, interview and vet bands and singers. We'll even come to your cake testing with you! Please, PLEASE let us come to your cake testing! We'll help take your ideas and make sure they are cohesive and come to life the way you envision, without all of the stress of trying to find THE PERFECT shade of "ivory dove". 

Rates start at $5,000 and includes: 

  • 12 hours on-site day of wedding

  • 1 60-min kick-off planning session

  • 4 30-min planning sessions along the way (don't worry, we'll tell you when we need to touch base)

  • Monthly email check-ins/on call for questions

  • Full Schedule Build & Event Set up

  • Running your 2 hour rehearsal

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